Monitors and Digital Signage, LED Tiles, Touchscreens, Video Walls

Make Your Event a Cut Above
Digital Signage

Capture the Attention of Attendees

Digital Signage allows for high-impact messaging throughout trade shows, meetings, and events of all sizes.

Digitally enhancing that would otherwise be static signage is a highly effective and exciting way to share information, highlight promotional material, raise sponsorship awareness, and even direct participants around the show floor. With automatically-updating Digital Signage, your event or exhibit is sure to capture the attention of attendees.

Interactive Walls

Help Attendees "Live the Experience"

With the advent of the Internet and social media, audiences are clamoring to be "part of" everything they experience—and events are no exception.

With this objective in mind, TRC AV helps attendees "live the experience" by offering event organizers the option to implement a large-scale touch video wall. These interactive walls can allow multiple people to present at the same event simultaneously, or simply allow for a single presenter to further engage the audience in the presentation.

The addition of this interactive element allows you to engage your audience in a unique way that can truly set you apart from the competition.

Multi-Touch Displays

Inform, Engage and Involve Event Attendees

Keep your event attendees informed, engaged, and involved with touchscreen technology. This technology adds a fun and engaging interactive element to the already impressive list of benefits offered by standard monitors, kiosks, and LED displays.

TRC AV provides a range of touchscreen sizes from 23" to 103". These monitors provide an effective way to connect your audience with the applications, programs, and goals of your business. In addition, we carry interactive touch tables (46"-55") that event planners can use for a variety of purposes, including sharing company material and resources, capturing lead information, or presenting an interactive demo.