Kiosk and Cell Phone Charging Stations

Provide the Ultimate Convenience for Your Attendees

Interactive devices afford event organizers and exhibitors the opportunity to engage attendees in new and exciting ways. The user-friendly interfaces are easy to navigate and, when handheld, their size allows for one-on-one interaction during your event.

TRC AV can provide such devices as iPads, Samsung Galaxy tablets, and Microsoft Surface tablets. Whether handheld or displayed in a kiosk, such devices are highly effective—and convenient—for product demonstrations, trainings, and event planning.

And, of course, both attendees and event planners rely heavily on their personal mobile devices. Whether keeping up with office email or downloading the latest app, a low battery has everyone looking for a quick recharge.

TRC AV offers various types of charging stations to meet any event's needs. These will not only be of great use to attendees and exhibitors, but they also provide additional opportunities for sponsorships and can help drive traffic to certain areas of the show.