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Setting the Mood:The Importance of Having the Right Lighting

Lighting is often treated as the “ugly stepchild” of event technology. But it shouldn’t be this way!

When event planners are writing up their budget, video screens, attendee tracking setups, and even sound equipment often take top line, leaving little remaining money for lighting. However, “making do” with whatever the venue offers is risky, because lighting can dramatically affect the mood of the event. Too low, and everyone will feel sleepy. Too high, and you’ll wind up with squinting exhibitors and attendees complaining of migraines!

However, with a bit of thought, ingenuity, and budget, you can create a lighting scheme that will really enhance your event. Do you want to highlight specific areas of the venue? Spotlights and up-lighting will do the trick. Will you need to film or professionally photograph certain exhibits or presentations? If so, give careful consideration to the lighting in those areas to make sure your video and photographs come out great. You can even broadcast messages and create interactive experiences with big-impact effects like Gobos, intelligent lighting, or projection mapping.

Whatever you do, don’t forget to plan the lighting at your next event!