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Top 3 Ways to Enhance Your Tradeshow Booth with AV

At every tradeshow, sponsors are battling for attendees’ attention. Whether they’re trying to collect marketing leads, attract potential buyers, or simply hand out samples, it’s all about drawing people to your booth. Here are three tried-and-true ways to enhance your booth and attract attendees:

  1. Initiate an Interaction. Whether you offer a pre-loaded touchscreen or encourage attendees to use their own mobile device, asking them to do something will create a more personal bond and memorable experience for that attendee. The possibilities are limitless, but some especially creative ways to increase engagement and interactivity include virtual reality, augmented reality, and social media screens.
  2. Lead with LED. LED panels, whether they are video walls or digital signs, are not only eye-catching up close, but they can be easily glimpsed from across a tradeshow floor. This will attract the attention of attendees who are browsing, while also making your booth easy to find for those who are intentionally seeking you out.
  3. Tap into Tablets. Fliers and pamphlets are relics of a bygone era, and no one wants to stand around with a clipboard and pen. Tablets solve these problems by consolidating an extraordinary amount of content onto one device (including not just static text, but audio and video content, too!), while making it easy to capture attendee information with a few simple clicks.