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3 Reasons to Use a Single Vendor for Your Event Technology Needs

Badge printing, attendance tracking, AV technology… oh my! When it comes to event planning, there are an awful lot of services to consider—which often means a lot of vendors to juggle. However, some vendors offer more than one service, which can be a real advantage. Here’s why:

  • One vendor, one contract. No reviewing—and negotiating—multiple contracts. Plus, companies will often offer a discount on multiple services!
  • Fewer points of contact. If you work with multiple vendors, you will wind up having to interface with at least one person at each company, and oftentimes more than one. By working with one company, you will only need to interact with a few people to get the same amount of work done.
  • Familiarity with your event. By working with a single technology vendor, you save yourself from having to explain and re-explain what your event is and what its goals are. Instead, you can invest your time in helping this partner to become deeply familiar with your event, which can often result in their making suggestions for improvements you never even considered.